Food Trends in 2020

The beginning of a New Year is always exciting in many ways. It’s the time of year we tend to make promises to do more of this and less of that. The most common goal, to eat healthier, is set to counteract all the indulgent foods we’ve ingested the couple of months of Christmas revelry, as well as throughout the previous year(s).  Let’s be honest here, there’s no counteracting, we can only allow our bodies to detoxify itself and then start feeding it properly.

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Lately, the culinary world has become more responsive to this constant quest for healthier and more environmentally conscious alternatives, both in cultivation and production of food. So, what do we expect for 2020? We reached out to our in-store, full-time chefs, who keep abreast of what’s out there.

According to our Chef David in Saskatoon:

  • Tart and sharp flavours will be more popular this year. Globalisation allowed the introduction of flavours that include vinegar, lemon, tamarind and other tart ingredients in various cuisines of the world. There is now more appreciation for them.
  • Expect to see a comeback of ‘waste-not, want-not’ from the days of yore. There’ll be more focus on using every part of meat and poultry items for a sustainable and creative no-waste cooking.
  • Asian flavours continue to infiltrate westerner palates. This year, the go to favourite proves to be Vietnamese.
  • With growing concern over plastics polluting our planet, there is more demand for less harmful packaging materials, the edible type.
  • Restaurants are also in the band wagon of conscious eating. They are now sourcing ingredients of tribal origin, especially of the South American cuisine with its superfoods such as cassava, passion fruit and acai.

Sara of our Sara’s Kitchen in Calgary discovered other trends:

  • Meat and fish alternatives will continue into this year. All the buzz last year were about ‘Beyond Meat’, a plant-based alternative that emulates the texture of and taste of the real deal.
  • Not to be confused with plant-based meat alternative diet, the vegetarian & vegan diets are also big this year.
  • Kids now have healthier choices with more baked, rather than deep fried options.
  • Foods of various ethnicities are also gaining in popularity.

This year promises to be a year for consumers. Food companies are listening to our concerns over ingredients that have been added to their products and are now looking at better alternatives.

To all, a healthy New Year!

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