Cleaning Your Grilling Machine

It’s Grilling Time! 

Traditionally, spring is the perfect time to prep and clean your grill.  As we all know, summers in Alberta and Saskatchewan are short so we have to pack in as much barbecuing as we can, though we really can barbecue any time of the year.  Keeping your barbecue in tip-top shape is necessary for its longevity.  Yearly maintenance will give you perfect results grill after grill.

Here are easy tips for getting your barbecue ever-ready for perfect grilling:

Start by cleaning the grates. 
With a stainless steel brush, scrape off all residues completely from the top and the underside of the grates. Take them off the barbecue and wash with warm soapy water. Air dry or dry with a cloth.

Next clean the burners. 
Use a wire brush to remove corrosion. Check the burner ports for debris or insect nests. If there are any, carefully dislodge with a straightened paper clip, a wire coat hanger or a skewer, ensuring not to enlarge the ports to keep flames even. Flushing with water from the hose is another way of getting cleaner burners. If using this option, allow them to drip dry for a few days.

Next, clean the unit. 
Scrub the soot off inside the lid with a stainless steel brush and soapy water. Wipe clean. Brush the insides of the barbecue to remove any debris. Wash with soap and water. Allow to dry.

On to the drip pan. 
Slide it out and dispose grease and drippings. Scrape any debris into the disposable grease tray that is usually by the drip pan. This disposable grease tray should be replaced often and the drip pan cleaned regularly.

And finally, the exterior!
Use warm soapy water, rinse, then wipe dry. Your barbecue is almost good to go, a couple more steps! Reassemble and turn the barbecue on high and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes to burn off excess soap and other residues. Turn off and allow it to cool.

Perhaps your current barbecue is just not going to cut it for another grilling season and you’d rather have a brand new gleaming grilling machine! The barbecue world has evolved! There are so many choices with various features for you out there. Grilling can now be done with liquid propane, natural gas, electric or the old fashioned charcoal. Do some research to acquaint yourself with your preference.

Visit us online to see our selection of specialty models and quality grills or drop by one of our locations.


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