2019 Food Trends

Every year comes with a few new ideas on the way we’re eating, all in good effort for us to eat healthier, more delicious and heartier food. 2019 will do just that.


This coming year’s food trends will start off with the Keto way of eating. Keto means consuming high protein and high fat foods and limiting carbs. This promotes eating a lot of meat, a lot of cheese, a lot of veggies and good fats. This means that every holiday party will probably have some form of a charcuterie board; especially that people are having much success on the keto-type diets.

When we asked her about her opinion, Sara Brodsky, Culinary Coordinator at Trail Appliances’ Calgary south store, said: “I personally think everything is good in moderation. I have developed many recipes for my celiac friends. Most nutritionists will tell you ‘unless you have been diagnosed with an allergy, people should eat healthy and in moderation’”, she also mentioned that “a gluten free diet is great if you are not replacing gluten with substitutes. Having a naturally occurring gluten-free diet is healthy”.

Keep in mind that Keto diets don’t include fruits, so make sure you’re well informed, and talk to your doctor first to learn how to balance your diet if you were to take on Keto.


Another food trend Sara thinks 2019 will bring along is a focus on natural food items. For example, fruits from Asia are supposed to make an appearance – fruits like dragon fruit and guava.

Chef David Hamilton of Trail Appliances’ Saskatoon store also thinks we’ll see more regional flavours. Specifically, the Pacific Rim flavours (Asia, Indonesia, and the north and south coastline of South America). He says: “we’ve become more interested in the unique flavour profiles and presentation methods traditional to cultures that enjoy access to many species of sea life not found in North America”.

We will also see a preference for probiotics as a result of more and more consumers becoming informed on the importance of digestive health. Supermarkets and restaurants will be offering more probiotic and supplemented dishes than ever before.


Chef David predicts we’ll see a slight leaning towards plant-based proteins. He says: “many consumers have taken to enjoying more of the vegetable protein options available on the shelves and restaurant menus. While not forgoing meat entirely, many feel a ‘meat-less’ night of the week is a perfectly tasty option for family dinner”.

With the always increasing education and awareness of the effect of sweeteners, there will be a preference for natural sweeteners and with that, companies are introducing more and more sugar substitutes as consumers begin to limit their intake. Flavoured honeys, agave and even coconut sugar are providing people with a sucrose-free alternative to sweeteners and confections.

Finally, a trend that has been growing in demand is preference for eco-conscious companies. As consumers have been shown to support the idea of ecological-friendly packaging and practices, recyclable and compostable packaging have been (and will keep) earning companies greater respect in the eyes of their customers.



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