Back to School Fajita

By – Sara Brodsky, Culinary Services Coordinator – Calgary South

Preparing school lunches could be an unexciting chore and if you skip preparing it in the evening, you’re too tired in the morning to put together a nice lunch, so school cafeteria lunch it is!




1 chicken breast
1 red pepper
1 sweet onion
2 teaspoon packaged fajita seasoning
Juice from 1 small lime

Cut chicken in small strips, fry in hot oil until opaque. Add all other ingredients. Fry until nicely browned.

Put in a container.

Pack flour tortilla shells, grated cheese, sour cream and guacamole in divided containers.

Kids can control what they wrap in their tortillas and be the envy of the lunch room.

Chicken can be heated up or eaten cold.



Sara Brodsky – Culinary Services Coordinator – Calgary South

Sara’s love for cooking was her ticket to her current career as Culinary Coordinator. A self-taught cook, her inspiration came first from her mother, then from her interior design studies. Since becoming an interior designer, her enthusiasm and passion for colours have been applied more in cooking than in décor.

Teaching primary school children on a volunteer basis, about colours through icing paints and baking cookies, was her door to more opportunities in the culinary field. Before joining Trail Appliances, Sara taught cooking classes for children and adults, eventually taking on the school’s culinary coordinator responsibilities, making her a seasoned cook with a treasure trove of cooking techniques and great recipes to pass on to her students.

Like all our chefs at Trail Appliances, Sara continuously trains with our manufacturers to ensure that she is up-to-date with her in-depth knowledge on the selection of innovative products we carry. She is a great help in selecting the best cooking appliance to fit both your lifestyle and your needs.


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