Chef David Hamilton’s 2018 Food Trends

Transparency is the most notable food trend in 2018. Where your food comes from and exactly what’s in it is much more important now than it was ten years ago. Actively seeking foods that are sourced out through ethical, sustainable means is not just a trend, it’s a behaviour that is here to stay. Whenever possible, try to source out foods that are free of growth hormone additives, pesticides and GMO components.

Our country is great and vast and comprised of a multitude of cultures mingling and sharing ideas – and food is generally at the forefront. That’s why in 2018, emphasis is increasing on some ethnic cuisines. Middle Eastern dishes and ingredients are becoming popular as people are more and more attracted to the complex flavour profiles.

Lastly, there has been a rather large insurgence of botanicals into the market. Flowers aren’t just for the bees anymore; people are finding the simple, clean and healthy flavours of ingredients like lavender, curcumin, matcha and cardamom more and more appealing. As the market continues to show interest in fresh and healthy food, I’m certain we’ll see even more flowers and botanicals popping up on menus and store shelves.

Happy cooking!

About Chef David – Saskatoon’s Full-Time, In-Store Chef

Chef DavidChef David’s culinary journey began in his high school years in Saskatoon, holding positions from dishwasher to prep cook, in various fast food and imbibing establishments. His turning point to Chefdom came in 2001, when he became a Sous Chef in the hospitality industry in the Rockies.

Recognizing Chef David’s potential, a mentoring chef took him as a protégé, showing him the ways of haute cuisine. For five years, he polished his skills, accepting the challenges of a Head Chef position throughout the summers at a small vacation property in Kootenay National Park.

In 2005, Chef David became the Executive Sous Chef at a major hotel in Lake Louise and seven years later, acquired the Red Seal Chef status. This designation catapulted him to an Executive Chef position.

Eager to share his knowledge and skills, Chef David went home to Saskatoon, where he became a mentor to other budding chefs. Saskatoon is also where he discovered Trail Appliances. His culinary expertise is complemented by his continued training on the various cooking appliances at Trail Appliances.


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