National Take the Stairs Day Tips

In light of New Years’ resolutions and healthy living, seize the opportunity of today being National Take the Stairs Day. Here are a few tips on how to stay active on a daily basis.

  • Start by, well, taking the stairs and skipping elevators and escalators.
  • Park your car a bit farther than your place of work and walk that extra distance.
  • Get off your chair every hour to get water. This will not only give you a chance to leave your desk, whether you’re at work or school, but will also help you meet the 2 litre goal for water consumption per day.
  • During your lunch hour, make sure to allocate some time for a quick walk or volunteer for the occasional coffee run.
  • Have some of your meetings over a walk or standing up. You can also take a walk to your co-workers for questions rather than sending an email.
  • Some workplaces allocate 30 minutes on Fridays for group yoga sessions; if that’s available at your workplace, sign up! If it’s not (and you can) bring it up to your boss!
  • While you’re waiting for a copier or a microwave, take a quick walk around the office.



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