Smoothie Solution!

Summer is practically here and with warm temperatures, we tend to crave cold foods and cold drinks. And what better way to take advantage of all the fresh fruits and vegetables than drinking them a la smoothie. For the perfect smoothie, WOLF has the ideal blender to help you create what you fancy.

The Wolf Gourmet blender is a die-cast stainless steel made for high performance and your convenience in mind. It comes with an ultra-responsive variable speed control, which allows you to blend ingredients as you like. Other features it comes with are an LCD control panel, 4 program settings and pulse at any speed.

Video SS

Creations with this blender go as far as your imagination. You can make sauces, creams, soups, and drinks. You can also use it to grind grains and make nut butters. The TritanTM jar is extra-large at 64 oz. It is also BPA free and shatterproof. The blender is small enough to fit under the standard-size cabinet. Added bonuses are a two-piece cap assembly (composed of an emulsion cup to slowly add ingredients into the jar and a filler cap with measurement marks) and a tamper which makes mixing frozen and thick ingredients a breeze!




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